The Fundamental Mobility Scooter Accessories

Have you invested in a mobility scooter? Congratulations! Owning a mobility scooter can introduce an individual to a new lease of life and the benefits of owning one are endless, whichever product you decide to purchase. However, your comfort and use need not stop there; you can still enhance the enjoyment of your mobility scooter with its basic accessories.


Mobility Scooter Cover

                 Mobility Scooter CoverMobility Scooter Cover

Introducing Mobility Scooter Cover from Canada Scooters & Medical Supply. Easy-to-use, cozy fit and lightweight, this water-resistant cover will surely provide year-round protection from sun and dust. 


Mobility Scooter Ramp

Mobility Scooter Ramp
Mobility Ramps are used for smooth transitioning or loading your mobility scooter or wheelchair into a vehicle.


Mobility Scooter Bag

Mobility Scooter Bag

This Mobility Scooter Bag is ideal for carrying all of your essential items. It is water-resistant, can be strapped to a mobility scooter and used to carry a variety of items.

Windshield canopy

Afiscooter Windshield canopy

Afiscooter Windshield Canopy is an essential aid, especially in the colder months and can prevent loss of body warmth and also protect from the wind and the rain, making your journey outdoors much more comfortable. 

Mobility Scooter Basket

Mobility Scooter Basket Front Shopping Basket

Our roomy rear and front shopping basket boast strong steel construction making it a great option for carrying items that are too large or heavy. Great for quick trips to the store! Not for use with power wheelchairs.


Safety Flag

Safety Flag

The Safety Flag increases your visibility while you enjoy your mobility independence. The flag can be easily mounted to most scooters, manual wheelchairs, and power-chairs. It comes with a mounting bracket.


Wind Screen

Wind Screen

These windshields are attached to the rearview mirror sockets and held in place by the mirrors. Mobility Scooter Windscreen will add protection and safety and will complement the look of your scooter.


Rear lockable enclosed basket

Rear lockable enclosed basket

Afiscooter Rear Lockable Enclosed Basket is one of the mobility scooter accessories ideal for carrying your essentials securely and in style. It has a locking mechanism with a key to keeping personal belongings safe.



Armrest Cane Holder

Armrest Cane Holder

Armrest Cane Holder attaches to your armrest, keeping your cane right beside you where you need it most. It is one of the most needed mobility scooter accessories.

Multi-accessories connector

Multi-accessories connector

With the Multi-Accessories Connector, you can choose up to four accessories to attach to your scooter at once! 

It attaches quickly and easily into the 1-inch universal holder on the back of the scooter. 

So pick yourself up a Multi-Accessories Connector and deck out your scooter with limitless options.


More Mobility Scooter Accessories

These are just a few of the great accessories for your mobility scooter and you really can pimp it out and enjoy it to its full capacity. 

See in-store and online store for more mobility scooter accessories. Contact us today at 250-383-7383 or 1-866-383-7383 and we'll visit you in the comfort of your own home. We'll bring the showroom to you. 

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