First Aid & Dressing Supplies

Canada Scooters & Medical Supply stocks a range of first aid and dressing supplies to ensure your medical and first aid kit is complete. Get the best in wound dressings and first aid supplies such as non-adherent dressings, saline dressings, wound cleansers and many more. The range of first aid & dressing supplies is sterile, easy to apply and designed for different kinds of accidents and wounds. Within this range, you will also find exam gloves, skin pain relief gel, first aid kits and more. 

First Aid & Dressing Supplies have the following categories:

Antimicrobial Dressings  |  Exam Gloves  |  Foam Dressings  |

Gauze and Surgical Wounds  |  Hydrocolloid Dressings  |  

Hydrophilic Paste  |  Moisturizers  | Non-Adherent Dressings  |

Saline Dressings  |  Scar Care Dressings Skin Pain Relief Gel  |

Skin Fold Management  |  Skin Protectants  |  Wound Cleansers  |

Alignate Dressings  |  First Aid Kits

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