Household and Kitchen

Household and Kitchen aids are very important for both preparing meals and enjoying them once ready. Being able to feed yourself makes all the difference when it comes to living independently for longer, which is why we at Canada Scooters & Medical Supply offers a variety of household and kitchen aids for food preparation, as well as cleaning, dish washing tools and more to support you in efficiently maintaining your daily routine.

Household and Kitchen has the following categories:

Scissors  |  Openers  |  Chopping  |  Cleaning  |  Cutting Boards  |

Peeling  |  Pan Holders  |  Dish Washing  |  Knives  |  Door Aids  |

Bag Clips  |  Trays  |  Lampswitch Aid  |  Non-Slip Grips  |

Perching Stools  |  Measuring Cups

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