50AH 12V Mobility Scooter Battery

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Built for long, lasting, reliable power, 50AH 12V Mobility Scooter Battery is a must-have. Guaranteed to run at peak performance with these jampacked features.
  • 12 V, 50 AH
  • With longer discharge and less charging time, these batteries are ideal for many renewable energy applications.
  • Valve-regulated sealed construction eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes, and spills.
  • MICROCAT™ Catalyst lowers float current, decreases internal temps, and the risk of dry-out.
  • Less than 2% per month stand loss means little deterioration during transport and storage.
  • Plates formed using IPF® technology* ensures voltage matching between cells, which optimizes power capacity, cell consistency and long term reliability.
  • With IPF® technology, all battery plates receive their initial forming charge outside the battery and can be visually inspected for inconsistencies.
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