6 Trim Line CPAP Tube

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6 Trim Line CPAP Tube

6 Trim Line CPAP Tube is a superior replacement for your CPAP tubing especially if you are experiencing mask leaks due to the weight of the tubing. The lightweight design of the 6 Trim Line CPAP Tube tubing will alleviate drag on the mask, reducing the risk of breaking the mask seal. This tubing is only 15mm in diameter and is not only lighter and more flexible than most tubing, but it will significantly reduce vibration noise from the PAP machine.

With lower transmitting noise from the CPAP machine, you may find improvement in the sleep therapy and it will make reading or watch TV in bed more enjoyable. With its universal 22mm connector, the 6 Trim Line CPAP Tube fit all Masks and Machines.


  • 15mm diameter tube also significantly reduces drag on the mask, reducing leaks and improving patient comfort and compliance
  • 15mm diameter tube significantly reduces noise from PAP machine improving the patient therapy experience
  • Premiere 6' trim (15mm diameter) CPAP tubing with 22mm connector
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