Anterior Safety Roller

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Anterior Safety Roller is armed with a 400 lbs. weight capacity as well as the ability to adjust in height,  Anterior Safety Roller is perfect for individuals who have trouble getting around on their own. Ideal for arthritic users, the roller works simply and can be used by nearly anyone with mobility issues.


  • Adjustable brake spring tension
  • Applying pressure to the handlebar activates breaking mechanism
  • Folds easily and stands on its own in the folded position
  • Height adjustable in 1" increments
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for patients with limited hand function and/or limited cognizance
  • Patient is situated in the center of the Safety Roller, which provides maximum support and improved posture
  • Skid resistant, non-marring, easy rolling neoprene wheels
  • The Anterior Safety Roller halts in step with the patient and the breaking mechanism automatically engages when patient stumbles
  • When the brake is engaged, the brake stopper hits the wheel and the wheels cannot roll.

 Brochure            Owner's Manual

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