Floor Mat (Cord and Cordless) for cordless monitor alarm

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Floor Mat (Cord and Cordless) helps prevent injury in the event of an accidental fall from the bed. 


  • Monitored exit mats are an easy-to-use wandering system that contains pressure sensors that signal to a PrimeGuard Monitor Alarm An inexpensive solution perfect for private residences or any memory care or dementia facility
  • Healthcare Weight-Sensing Floor Mat Sensor Pad alerts caregiver of resident’s movement by triggering monitor alarm when resident steps onto floor mat sensor pad Alarm will signal with as little as 1-1/2 lbs pressure and can be used at the bedside or in doorways.
  • CLFMATT–07C: CordLess® Floor Mat Sensor Pad 24" x 48" (gray) – 1 year warranty (use with FGCLM-100G Cordless Alarm Monitor) Patented Cordless Floor Mat Sensor Pad can be placed by the bedside or in a doorway When the resident gets out of bed or tries to leave the room and pressure is applied to the mat it will signal the Alarm Monitor alerting the caregiver Weight sensing floor mat sends a signal to the CordLess Monitor Alarm using wireless technology to alert the caregiver For use only with FGCLM-100G Cordless Monitor Alarm Easy-to-use Program floor mat sensor pad to monitor and set the pad on the floor When resident attempts to get out of bed or leave the room and steps on the floor mat, it will signal monitor to alert the caregiver with an audible or visual alert
  • AFM-07 – Alarm Floor Mat 24" x 48" (gray) with SafeTRelease Cord for use with Standard or Wireless Monitor Alarm 1-year warranty Use with FGM-100CP or FGCLM-100G Alarm Monitors Heavy duty, industrial weight floor mat sensor pad, beveled edges, non-slip grip


  • Height:24"
  • Width: 48"
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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