Hygie Urinal Covers Bags

Product image 1Hygie Urinal Covers Bags
Product image 2Hygie Urinal Covers Bags
Product image 3Hygie Urinal Covers Bags
Product image 4Hygie Urinal Covers Bags
Product image 5Hygie Urinal Covers Bags

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Hygie Urinal Covers Bags

Urinal Bag (10 per box)


The use of the Urinal Bag eases the work of health workers and provides added protection when carrying and disposing of urine. Additionally, the Urinal Bag allows patients of all ages to urinate discreetly, in all circumstances: in bed, in a wheelchair, on a trip or in a car.

Its unique super-absorbent pad included in each bag is designed to turn up to 600ml of urine into a gel within seconds. It helps reduce the risks of splashes, spills and germ dispersal (fight against Healthcare-Associated Infections, cross-contamination…).

The Urinal Bag is easy to use. At the hospital, urine output can be measured by weighing the bag (tare: 21.5g).

After using the Urinal Bag, close it securely and discard it in the designated area.

Use with the Hygie Urinal Support.

- 16cm x 38cm / 6,3 in. x 14,96 in.
- Blocks odours spreading
- Reduces cleaning tasks
- Reduces risks of splashing and spilling
- Makes the collection, transportation and disposal safer
- Limits the spread of harmful bacteria.

Product: Box of 10 Urinal Bags

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