MedID Card for personal health information

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What is MedIDCard™?

MedID Card for personal health information, is a credit card sized device with a retractable two Gigabyte (GB) USB drive that easily fits in your wallet, it is designed to store MedIDWare™, a Personal Health Record (PHR) software program. This revolutionary personal health management tool is compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems. MedIDWare™ completely resides on the USB drive which requires no download to ones hard drive creating optimal portability.

Ensuring Your Health & Protecting the Gift of Life.
Nothing is more precious than human life. On its annual list, The Center for Disease Control, cited the leading cause of death included medical errors six ahead of diabetes and pneumonia. Approximately 120,000 Americans die each year as a result of preventable medical errors in hospitals. Equally as concerning is most emergency rooms cannot effectively retrieve your critical health information in a time of emergency. 

MedIDCard™ ensures the availability of your health information in a legible form and facilitates the flow of that information between you and your healthcare physician(s) and other medical providers that participate in your care. Personal health Information within MedIDCard™ can be conveyed to your health-care providers digitally within the MedIDCard™ USB flash drive itself or can be printed and or emailed to your provider prior to your office visit.

This ease at which your medical data can be transferred is vitally important considering the fact that 18% of medical errors are due to inadequate availability of patient information. Moreover, medical records are frequently lost, doctors retire, hospitals or HMOs purge old records to save storage space, and employers frequently change group health insurance plans. This results in patients needing to change doctors and request transfer of medical records which can sometimes be illegible.
MedIDCard™ as a Personal Health Record (PHR) promotes the concept that the more consumers are aware of their health, the more control they will take over it and the healthier they will be. MedIDCard™ encourages individuals to collect, share and manage more health-related information with each of their providers. 

Optimizing Care.
One of the best reasons to have MedIDCard™ is it improves the quality of healthcare you receive by enabling you to be better prepared for doctor visits and better equipped with the accurate and relevant information your doctor needs to pursue an optimal treatment course. With MedIDCard™ critical data can be conveyed to your doctor more efficiently allowing more time during the visit to focus on diagnosing and treating as opposed to time spent gathering information. 
In the event you are involved in an emergency MedIDCard™ could literally mean the difference between the right medical decision and the wrong one. MedIDCard™ speaks for you when you can’t. If you’re rushed to the emergency room, unable to communicate, MedIDCard™ can do the talking for you providing your medications, drug allergies, health conditions, medical alerts as well as provide emergency contact information to alert them of the accident. 

Personal Control, Privacy & Portability.
MedIDCard™ provides the best in personal control, privacy, and portability. All the data on MedIDCard™ stays on the device unless you physically choose otherwise. Only upon your authorization will others be allowed to back up, print or email data because the data stays in your possession. Internet alternatives cannot claim this as your data resides on their servers completely out of your ultimate control. Your privacy and confidentiality can be compromised! Don't let this happen. 
Empower yourself and your family; take control of your personal medical records with MedIDCard™ today.

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