Outlander LP

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The Outlander LP Exterior Lift Series is comprised of low-profile lifts designed to take your 10” or 14” mid-wheel drive power chairs with you.

Low-profile lifts provide increased visibility while the lift is in-use or in the stowed position. The design also provides a shock-absorbing “cradle effect” which protects your power chair while the vehicle is in motion.

This is a great exterior lift option for sedans, SUVs, mini-vans, full-size vans and pick-up trucks.

Simple, hitch-based installation requires little to no modification of your vehicle and allows for easy removal.


  • Low-profile platform design is compatible with Class II or Class III/IV hitches
  • Compatible with 10-inch and 14-inch mid-wheel drive power chairs
  • Low-profile platform provides better visibility
  • 350 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Standard license plate holder
  • Manual override
  • Shock-absorbing "cradle effect" protects power chairs from jarring vibrations
Brochure                Owner's Manual

      Base Weight1 76 lbs for 10" Wheels
      75 lbs. for 14" Wheels
      Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight2 350 lbs.
      Maximum Mobility Product Width 27"
      Overall Platform Length 19"
      Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground 20"
      Motor Sealed 12 volt DC
      Warranty 3-year transferable
      Hitch Class3 Class II, III & IV
      Options Swing-away Adaptor
      Battery pack w/charger
      Vehicle Platform Full-size van, Mini-van, Truck, Sedan, SUV and Crossover
      1 Does not include any accessories or hardware.
      2 Lifting weight does not include accessories or certain upgraded seating. Please contact Customer Service for greater detail.
      3 Hitch weight carrying capacity varies by vehicle. Call for details.
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